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just sayin'
how many times do I have to tell you..? 
31st-Aug-2010 10:15 pm
I'm supposed to get hired this month permanently. By all accounts that is what is going to happen. But I just can't seem to relax until THAT happens. I've been there 4 1/2 months now. Time to get a move on people!

I'm a terrible fangirl and didn't even realize the Emmys were on the other night until Twitter lit up so ridiculously. However? I was very glad to hear of Jim Parsons's win. Bazinga and then some!

Would you believe I actually found myself searching around for cheap hosting options and am toying with the idea of getting a new domain? LOL What is wrong with me. I'm so torn over letting my exiting domains go - but I don't really use them. But the idea of NOT having my own space is just. . . insane? Yes. Insane. I don't know what to think of it. It's just the way it is. But here I am trying to come up with a clever domain name that suits. For cheap. The current hosting I have is more than I want to pay. The plan was just to NOT renew. And no I don't see myself moving my existing domains over to the new hosting service - IF I get one. I'm just a little sick in the head I think. Since this more or less started because I feel so damned scattered all over the 'Net.

Although it was that search that prompted the new Jack/Kate layout....

I enjoy Covert Affairs BUT would rather see more of Ben Mercer than Jay. As pretty as the actor is, there is NO spark between him and Annie - and I don't want to see that go anywhere. Hell Annie and Auggie have a nice little connection going as good friends/buddies that could change over time. But NOTHING with Jay. Just not feeling it. Also? Jay isn't as interesting as Ben Mercer. So bring Ben on! (I still have to watch last week's episode and this week's..) I know that people were all a-flutter over Auggie stuff and I'm looking forward to it.

Crap, now I'm tired. Yay for these lovely work hours. 'Night

Hey! Reminder to post at shed_this!!
lost s1: j/k fllirting
1st-Sep-2010 12:28 pm (UTC)
I think you had a brain fart... Current Affairs? Lol! Auggie is the best thing I'm that show for me, it was nice seeing more of him! Hee!

I hope you get the ok from work soon, was there a date they were meant to tell you by? They can't leave you hanging!

On the domain name/hosting side of things, I've got a domain name through godaddy.com and hosting through surpass hosting. Both decently priced. I missed blogging so much I had to start that up again this year!
9th-Sep-2010 04:53 am (UTC)
love the new Jack and kate layout! :)
it's fun to see you doing graphics work!

I totally understand wanting to just have your own space online that you can control. I have an idea how to not be so scattered - but its coding way beyond me.
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