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where is everyone?

Seriously? Where is everyone these days? Are folks migrating to other journals or more tempted by the quicker communications of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc? While I do understand their appeal (and fiddle and faddle here and there with them), I wonder if folks are leaving the world of journaling behind much like what happened with all of the blogging on our own domains. I fell prey to it as well. So I'm not judging or blaming - but curious.

I am sitting here on the precipice of my domains renewing and am just strapped for cash. Strapped for time. Unwilling to leave the internet and lose whatever "presence" I might still have. And yet acknowledging that not many folks drop by to see anything of mine anymore - or anything I write. So I have to ask if I'm trying to hold onto my little bit of past glory - or my 15 minutes as it were? Why do I feel the need to still consider having web space? And why as I'm coming to terms with letting existing domains go, am I searching on the 'Net right now for really super cheap hosting and thinking of a NEW domain name to some how link all of my different spots up?


Seriously - any thoughts or inspiration anyone has is greatly appreciated. Any similar thoughts and/or experiences you might have is greatly appreciated. I mean I have even thought of just creating another journal here within the paid account and putting art there. But I don't know if LJ has the space for it. LOL One good thing about having your own domains is the space you have to store shit!

So..PLEASE do this old gal a solid and share. Comment. Speculate, would ya? I'm at a cross-roads here!
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