Jenah (jenah) wrote,

Dude..where's my car?

Web stuffs
I have my Photobucket Albums uploaded now. Just walls. I'm not going to post icons at this time. There are just too damned many! And I've updated my art site with a message indicating the change. I feel very odd about the entire thing really. And still I wonder as to why I'm holding on so tightly to having some sort of web/art presence. Weird.

I even did a new wallpaper this morning for Sarah Connor Chronicles [I miss that show!]

I am only caught up on Castle and Big Bang Theory. That's it. Liked both of the premieres. I am going to be trying out a couple of new shows - just to test the waters. Blue Bloods and Defenders I think they are. Haven't watched yet. Not even sure why I would take on any other shows when I don't stay current each week with the ones I love! Weird.

Well supposedly things are going to be wrapped up this week and I'll be permanent. I'm not un-crossing my fingers until THAT is a done deal, thank you very much.

I wish I had some. All of the savings I had has had to be used for very important things (none of which include a smartphone unfortunately) like bills, new tires, etc. And now I found out that my clutch is slipping and my car has been just sucking down the oil something fierce (with no evidence of a leak). I hope it's an adjustment or two that she needs (for both situations) rather than big repairs. Then I'll simply have NO savings. Again.

The boy
Love him. Find him irksome. All at the same time. I'm surprised I don't have more gray hairs than I already do. Oh that reminds me..I have to try and save for a hair cut/highlight..............

I'm not really as bitter as this post sounds. Just busy. And tired. And a little over-whelmed.
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