Jenah (jenah) wrote,

holy cow the job is official

So effective this Wednesday I'll be officially hired. Permanent. No longer temp to perm. And while I didn't really believe that they would let me go - it wasn't official until it was official! I am so damned happy and relieved. I want to spend money now.

Too bad I don't have any :)

Did I mention that I'm actually strongly (SERIOUSLY) leaning towards the SAMSUNG FASCINATE as my smartphone purchase? Because I am. But then it's going to take me awhile to replenish the savings that I had to draw from to get the new tires and new clutch for my car. Who knows WHAT will come out by then!

In regards to TV, I'm happy to report that while I'm dreadfully behind - I have successfully addicted my mom to SGU. She started watching last night and is now on episode 12. Oh yeah baby. Hardcore addicted. I also did finally watch the season finale of Eureka. Gah - still love that show. It's gotten REALLY solid in the last 2 seasons I think. I wonder if we'll have to wait another YEAR for it to come back?

Now I have to return to my budgeting..oh! But thanks for the coding help bangaboomerang and purecreation!!! I really appreciate it!
Tags: eureka, family, life, misc tv, money, phone, sgu, work

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