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just sayin'
Dr. Rush is a d**k 
16th-Oct-2010 11:02 pm
SGU: Awakening
  • So let's get this out there: Dr. Rush is a DICK. Seriously. Hard core. He's brilliantly played by Robert Carlisle of course. But damn. I hate that guy! I cannot believe he goes on and on (to himself apparently) that Col. Young is completely unfit for the mission. And he is playing GOD. Big time. It's just ridiculous. I wonder if he has space dementia or something. Cuckoo!
  • Huzzah for more of my beloved TJ/Varro 'ship. Oh those kids. They make my heart happy. And 'ship them I do. Isn't that right, angylone?! I love how they are being played and the progression. They have had a connection since he first came on board the Destiny. It's lovely. Poor Col. Young is just gonna be hit pretty hard when he realizes that TJ is well and truly not his...
  • I'm tired of HR (that is what I think of Camille) making this play about the Allutians (sp?) and the reasons for many of them to be in the Alliance. Yet this particular storyline is essential. And an interesting mirror to what we are experiencing in the real world. Just think of the the Allutians as those radical Islamists that perhaps get "drafted" or "forced" to go out and kill so many others (or themselves). I'm really interested to see where the writers take the story. Thus far there hasn't been much tolerance for them - as it should be. But the debates and arguments are well written (if annoying on a personal level). Good story telling. Still - Camille can be a real TOOL sometimes. Scratch that - most of the time!
  • Chloe is really beginning to creep me out.
  • We're gonna so see Telford again. I don't think his new buddies are going to be eating him or anything. I don't think they are truly harmful - or they would have killed the team and/or taken over the Destiny. Poor guy though.
  • Col. Young is onto Rush. I think he's waiting for Rush to actually unravel and shoot himself in the foot. He sort of has to - his track record in terms of Rush isn't one the civilians are likely to feel warm and fuzzy about. (Except maybe this civilian)
  • As dark as this show is, it's gorgeous. The colors and lighting are so beautiful. Very well shot.

    So why aren't YOU watching SGU? Lol Of course, if all of you were, I have to wonder if I'd start to have those anti-show feelings that I get sometimes - like currently in regards to Glee!? (If you want to know what I mean, go read this post.
  • sgu s1: tj & varro - bonding
    17th-Oct-2010 07:04 pm (UTC)
    i have disliked Camile since the show came on. i pretty much just wanna punch her every time she's onscreen. i dislike most of the lucian alliance as well (hehe they were on sg-1) i think the only lucian i did like was commander kiva (rhona mitra). and maybe that's just cause i like rhona.

    i assume telford will show up all anti-destiny eventually and there will be an all-out brawl.

    tj was on smallville as the black canary, and i can't get alaina huffman dressed as BC out of my head whenever she's on screen. it almost makes me laugh.

    chloe pissed me off when she went all playboy bunny on scott, and totally left eli in the dark. my poor beloved eli.
    17th-Oct-2010 07:36 pm (UTC)
    Yeah Chloe is acting like a tool too. What do you mean playboy bunny though? I don't get that. But I felt like she left him kind of in the dark too...and he seems to be genuine in his affection for HER.

    Poor Eli. He deserves a real girl.

    You think Telford will be brain-washed again?! I do think we'll see him again - I mean they didn't kill him!

    I know nothing about the Lucians not having the huge history of SG1 behind me :) Rhona was good in that role. But I do like Varro immensely.

    Alaina was on Smallville? AWESOME - I guess that would be hard to wipe from one's memory with a superhero outfit! LOL
    17th-Oct-2010 08:12 pm (UTC)
    there was a space of episodes where all chloe wanted to do was screw scott. i felt so bad for that other office (we call her lt. rack haha). and in the mis-season finale (or was it finale?) when eli was carrying chloe from place to place, i just wanted to stab her when she went all cold on him. she could've had some tact about it and let him down easy, or waited until he could really handle it before she shot him down. i love geeks, and eli's my guy.
    18th-Oct-2010 12:32 am (UTC)
    that's right! :)
    I loved seeing them get to interact and the chemistry and this relationship building.

    and you're so right about Rush. He just is awful and I do not like him at all. and then he goes and does something really stupid and I like him even less. and I totally agree about how horrible it is that he's always complaining that Young can't do the job when he's getting people killed because he's a control-freaking idiot. ugh. I'm going to enjoy it when Young calls him out on the secrets he's been keeping. I think it's going to be this next ep.

    I don't really like Camille either. But I do like your comparison of the Lucians to the real world. It's funny, because I actually have a lot of compassion of the members of the Lucian Alliance left on the Destiny. I mean, I'm glad the ones that died are gone. But I think the ones that remain are genuinely good people and want to help and aren't power hungry (except Robert Knepper he's always a bad guy). Which is why Young keeping them locked away bothers me. When Varro asked how they could show Rush that he could trust them, I wanted him to give them a good answer.
    But that's also what I like about sci-fi stories, that they can be metaphors that make it easier to talk about real world issues and turn our perspective on it's head.

    Totally agree about Telford. I give it 3-4 episodes before he shows back up.
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