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Am I going to be a "follower"

Oh jainaj is so going to be mad at me. For days? Months? Years?! I honestly don't know. But as I have been doing the research on what laptop to buy - I have currently settled on *gasp* getting a MACBOOK PRO. This was after spending a lot of time with a tech guy that could show me just why they are A)so expensive, and 2) just how much easier to use they are than PC's. And..? WOW

Now I am a gal that has always had a PC and never really had issues. A couple of fried motherboards sure - but after years of use. Remember the my beloved Wilma and how she just kept on trucking along? Yeah and thus far her replacement, Rutger, has been a soldier. Even Windows Vista hasn't been much trouble for me - in fact I find I quite like the look and feel of it - although I do want to upgrade to Windows 7. THAT OS is much better from what I've been able to learn and play around with. I am also a gal that has long resisted the pull of Apple products. I know how cool they are. They look better than anything around and seem to hold their value. But while I won't be rushing out to get an iPod, iTouch, iPad, or even iPhone(?) - I am getting on the MACBOOK bandwagon pretty quickly.

It's like this - think of what you want to do on Windows in terms of layers, steps, a ladder if you will. One program for this one thing, then another to either finish that thing, or do another thing with the first thing (or something else), etc. As I approached the Mac in the store the other day I continued to think of everything in terms of layers and steps. This simply is not the way the Apples run. They really are more simple to use - I was making it too hard for myself. THAT was a huge shock to the system.

Because dammit - the minimum I'll have to pay is $1200. And that is a huge chunk of change. But you know what? They last longer. Hold their value longer. So it will be an investment and it will take me several months to save up for it (you should have seen the terror on my face when they suggested I finance one!). But yes, jainaj, I think that is what I'm going to do.

Now, having said all of that...we'll see in the end if I weaken and get some smart awesome ASUS PC laptop or something!

In other news, I did a longish babble post about my boy over at the blog I have. If you're interested you can read it here. I haven't figured out if there is a way to link the two (LJ and Blogger) but as I sit here during my lunch break (and using my friend's MACBOOK we named "Lola" - yes I named her) I haven't been able to find anything that will allow that kind of linking. Like you might have with either Twitter or Facebook. IF you know of a way, please let me know.

Oh and I'm off to post at shed_this!! Have you yet today??

I hope you all are having a great week and will look forward to reading all of your (all 3 of you that update regularly) updates!
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