Jenah (jenah) wrote,

If I had a nickel for every time - oh wait....there are no more nickels!

I will be brief about the Election. I will say HURRAY to so many conservative pick-ups in the House. Goodbye Pelosi (be sure to let the door slam on you as you go). People around this country are sick and tired of being squeezed out of every spare dime they have and having NOTHING to show for it. And listen - this isn't only a message to the Dems in power - this is also a message to the Republicans that have been sitting on their butts for years. You just might have overstayed your welcome too. WHAT YOU'RE DOING ISN'T WORKING! TIME TO FIX IT. Of course, the Lame Duck session we're gonna have before the end of the year is sure to be a doozy...

California? I weep. I just weep. And frankly, I'm embarrassed. Our state was once one of the top 10 richest places IN THE WORLD not so many years ago - what the hell do we have going for us now? Jeez. I just cannot wait for even more taxes to come my way...oh joy.

There I'm done.

Alex is off with his class for their 8th Grade Retreat and I'm kid-free today until late Friday. Awesome. I treated myself to frozen yogurt for dinner and didn't have to share. The past 5 weeks or so have been very stressful as I've been trying to get his attitude and grades to go up. To get him back on track. I think we're seeing big improvements - I just hope they LAST. *sigh*

So yes I'm happy he's not here and I've got some down time. And I know he's having a good time.

I think I'm going to go and watch some TV that I'm way behind on and decide to cut even more shows that I like, but don't LOVE/OBSESS over from my queue. It's just too much pressure.

I think a guy flirted with me tonight in Target. But as usual I didn't get that he might of, until 2 hours later. Oh yeah..I'm a keeper........

Oh and did you know that Livejournal has updated and really gone mobile? Oh yeah..oh yeah they have. Watch out for me!

p.s. have my shed_this buddies posted..hmm?
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