Jenah (jenah) wrote,

oh damn you nostalgia..

So here I sit with a STILL sore back (yay) that is trying to go out. Naturally I don't want it to go out because not only would I miss work on Monday but then I'd miss the rest of my 4 days off for the holiday! So no gym today. No running around today. Much rest and IBUprofen is a YES.

Anyway, here I sit. Still running on high from the awesomeness that was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and seeing friends, soulswallo and kimbrchick (not that the latter ever get on LJ anymore...). We watched Serenity yesterday afternoon (or rather they watched and I MOSTLY watched and dozed..). And now I'm nostalgic. I wanted to do some screencapping and perhaps make icons for the movie. Maybe pull out some Firefly DVDS and watch. But dammit - I have so much to watch that is current. So we'll see if I give in to nostalgia's heady scent or if I due my true due diligence as a fangirl and get caught up on current shows like, SGU, Castle, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, etc.

Yeah let's see what wins. OR maybe I'll watch one of the cheapy movies I found last night at Target. Ha!

In other news, I'm trying to allow my son to live through his teen years. And frankly he just began them. But color me annoyed, irritated, pissed off, and disappointed in his lack of . . . . respect. Part of it he can't help; this is very common for kids at this age. However, I HATE that particular kind of way of thinking. Just because it's normal doesn't mean I like it. Or put up with it. Or allow it to continue. The good news is that it isn't constant - it does come in waves. However, I never was a good surfer (sharks you know) so I may end up needing a good hiding place to dispose of the remains....any ideas?

I hope you all have enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. For the most part I have - or I've been trying to. Afterall this was was the first time since 2002 I actually got to have the Friday after Thanksgiving off with pay. My previous employer (department store) was of course always open the day after. Yay....

Oh speaking of nostalgia...I pulled out the first LOST icon I ever made of my beloved Jack. I have actually never deleted that from this LJ account. But damn - I MISS THAT SHOW. STILL!!
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