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just sayin'
careful what you wish for.. 
30th-Nov-2010 07:39 pm
Tonight is the SGU mid-season finale. I'm sad about that. Such a damned good show. I'm all caught up and now gonna be irked that we have a break!

I'm happy to report that I'm totally caught up on Supernatural. I'm so glad that we have gotten some answers. But I'm still on the fence over the season as a whole and I fell asleep during last week's yawner of an episode with fairies. And no I didn't re-watch the parts I dozed over. I hope that is the low point of the season!

I find it really annoying that while they decided to tone down the ugly torture of Hermione at Malfoy Manor, they felt it was perfectly okay to have naked Hermione/Harry making out in Ron's worst nightmare. Not just annoying - kind of sick really. It was gratuitous and completely out of place in this series. Kissing would have been simply bad enough after all of the terrible things that Ron was imagining Harry and Hermione saying - they simply didn't have to resort to near child-porn. And then they have Hermione screaming and we see one little thing scratched in her arm. COME ON. For those of that read the books, we know that she is truly be tortured and Ron is nearly killing himself yelling up to her and trying to get out of the cellar.

Bad call Hollywood - bad call.

I had a few other minor grumbles but overall loved the film. Can't wait for the next.

Well my back is still sore and thus I'm gonna go watch some more TV. So many more things to clear off the DVR!

Don't forget shed_this to post!
sgu s1: tj & varro - bonding
2nd-Dec-2010 04:40 am (UTC)
I actually found her having "Mudblood" carved on her arm to be an incredibly powerful image, considering how strong the Nazi imagery was in this movie. It's never been more clear in the films that Voldemort's regime can function as an allegory for Hitler's, and to show Hermione being marked like that, in that place? Incredibly powerful.

That being said, I am as usual very disapproving of Steve Kloves and his Harry/Hermione bias. I was angry they de-intensified Ron's reaction to Hermione being tortured, and I found the naked!kissing unnecessary; the book simply says they kiss. I was also angry they took out the "she's like my sister" line.

But still, I think having "Mudblood" carved on Hermione's arm was actually a great choice from a symbolic perspective and I really appreciate it from both a filmmaking and a storytelling perspective.
3rd-Dec-2010 05:30 am (UTC)
Oh I didn't have an issue what what they showed had been carved - you are right. It IS an incredibly powerful message and does fit the entire Hitler allegory. However, we all saw Harry deal with multiple carvings without screaming like they had Hermione - I just expected MORE. Not so kid-friendly toned down. And of course not allowing Rupert/Ron to really be devastated and trying so hard to get to her and be so torn up over her screams.

I'm sick and tired of anyone that is so pro Harry/Hermione. They were never written that way. They never flirted with it even. And being naked like that was so over the top - I was EMBARRASSED.
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