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Thanks to the CW marathon I'm....

actually watching season 2 of The Vampire Diaries. Like I've said before it wasn't a conscious decision to NOT watch. However, when they moved Big Bang to Thursdays at 8pm I could not let my DVR record over THAT! (No I cannot record more than one thing - long story for another day!)

So here I am; 11 episodes have aired and I have yet to watch one. Or rather - HAD yet - to watch one. I've now watched 2. Yay me! No not I'm totally current with the marathon as I wussed out last night and was asleep by 9:30. What? I get up at 5:15am yo! Tonight I finished the 2nd episode and will watch episode 3. Then I'll go to sleep again. I do have eps downloaded so I still may find myself on the PC rather than TV watching but I've still been inspired by the CW!

Lots of stuff happening in this second season. I might actually say too much stuff. At least for the season opener. It was just jam-packed and a bit too much for my taste to have the timing and pacing right. The 2nd episode did flow better. Although. . . . it's beginning to be kind of funny how many people are learning secrets. I mean really. Are we going to learn that 1 out of 3 residents are vamps? I'm exaggerating (of course) but it IS a little silly.

And while I still find the entire Stefan/Elena/Damon triangle to be stimulating AND interesting and yet so glad she is still Stefan's girl (sorry Damon) - I just have to know. WHERE IS ALARIC?! But don't tell me because I hate to be spoiled....

And with that I will bid you adieu...or is it good night?
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