Jenah (jenah) wrote,

so if people leave here....

Where do they go? I mean I know that lots of folks are on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr (which I still haven't really figured out) but is that? Is there some special new blogging/journaling place that we haven't been told of (those of us that are left)?? Hmmmm? I mean is there another place that allows you to have both public and private posts that really remain secure? That is what I wonder as I sit here tired beyond repair and fighting going to bed. When I should totally just go to bed!

So why is it that people are leaving so much? Is it that the other interfaces are quicker and require LESS - just short bursts of info? I guess that makes sense. But still, I can't seem to let LJ go and I know there are few die-hards as well. And even so, I consider other avenues in which I can continue to meet new people and reach out to the world-wide-web that are broader than LJ appears to be these days.

In non-internet pondering news, I didn't watch anymore of The Vampire Diaries tonight - or any TV now that I think on it. No I picked up the kid, hit the grocery store for items for his class party tomorrow, came home, at dinner, then headed out again with the kid and mom in tow to meet with the kid's karate professor. Meet about what you ask? Well his lovely holy teenage nonsense of course. Then he had his class and Mom and I grabbed some Starbucks before heading back to pick him. We've been home since about 9:35pm and I'm been a pumpkin ever since. Fighting the urge to go to sleep like a little wussy baby because I have to get up for work so early.

And yet I'm going to bed now like a little wussy baby because I have to get up for work so early.
Sleep well and be good to each other (and yourselves!)
Tags: alex, life, lj, misc tv, vd

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