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You're with stupid

I literally spent 2 hours thinking my LJ had been hacked today. I couldn't log on via my mobile - kept teling me invalid pw. And couldn't check from work pc as social networking sites are blocked. (Yes I tried to check anyway!) Finally was able to try a friend's non work pc to try and login. Well wouldn't you know it? As soon as typed in my pw w it dawned on me that perhaps I'd been typing the wrong pw the entire time on my phone - by one character/digit. Humm baby - give the girl a prize!

Hell I'd rather ne teased for having a blonde moment than have had account hacked!!!

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If I had a nickel for every time - oh wait....there are no more nickels!

I will be brief about the Election. I will say HURRAY to so many conservative pick-ups in the House. Goodbye Pelosi (be sure to let the door slam on you as you go). People around this country are sick and tired of being squeezed out of every spare dime they have and having NOTHING to show for it. And listen - this isn't only a message to the Dems in power - this is also a message to the Republicans that have been sitting on their butts for years. You just might have overstayed your welcome too. WHAT YOU'RE DOING ISN'T WORKING! TIME TO FIX IT. Of course, the Lame Duck session we're gonna have before the end of the year is sure to be a doozy...

California? I weep. I just weep. And frankly, I'm embarrassed. Our state was once one of the top 10 richest places IN THE WORLD not so many years ago - what the hell do we have going for us now? Jeez. I just cannot wait for even more taxes to come my way...oh joy.

There I'm done.

Alex is off with his class for their 8th Grade Retreat and I'm kid-free today until late Friday. Awesome. I treated myself to frozen yogurt for dinner and didn't have to share. The past 5 weeks or so have been very stressful as I've been trying to get his attitude and grades to go up. To get him back on track. I think we're seeing big improvements - I just hope they LAST. *sigh*

So yes I'm happy he's not here and I've got some down time. And I know he's having a good time.

I think I'm going to go and watch some TV that I'm way behind on and decide to cut even more shows that I like, but don't LOVE/OBSESS over from my queue. It's just too much pressure.

I think a guy flirted with me tonight in Target. But as usual I didn't get that he might of, until 2 hours later. Oh yeah..I'm a keeper........

Oh and did you know that Livejournal has updated and really gone mobile? Oh yeah..oh yeah they have. Watch out for me!

p.s. have my shed_this buddies posted..hmm?
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Am I going to be a "follower"

Oh jainaj is so going to be mad at me. For days? Months? Years?! I honestly don't know. But as I have been doing the research on what laptop to buy - I have currently settled on *gasp* getting a MACBOOK PRO. This was after spending a lot of time with a tech guy that could show me just why they are A)so expensive, and 2) just how much easier to use they are than PC's. And..? WOW

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Now, having said all of that...we'll see in the end if I weaken and get some smart awesome ASUS PC laptop or something!

In other news, I did a longish babble post about my boy over at the blog I have. If you're interested you can read it here. I haven't figured out if there is a way to link the two (LJ and Blogger) but as I sit here during my lunch break (and using my friend's MACBOOK we named "Lola" - yes I named her) I haven't been able to find anything that will allow that kind of linking. Like you might have with either Twitter or Facebook. IF you know of a way, please let me know.

Oh and I'm off to post at shed_this!! Have you yet today??

I hope you all are having a great week and will look forward to reading all of your (all 3 of you that update regularly) updates!
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Dr. Rush is a d**k

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So why aren't YOU watching SGU? Lol Of course, if all of you were, I have to wonder if I'd start to have those anti-show feelings that I get sometimes - like currently in regards to Glee!? (If you want to know what I mean, go read this post.
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Sometimes you can make it .....

So this weekend is my good friend, soulswallo's birthday. And I will not be seeing her. There are circumstances for this that I simply couldn't control. But I am not happy about it. And so, Kelly, I am sorry and I hope you have a fantabulous weekend - which I know you will. But you're in my thoughts. Happy Birthday to you!

In the effort of trying to NOT whine and post like my last entry, I won't tell you that my boy is once again screwing up at school: not turning in homework, not doing some homework, getting infractions due to mouthing offf. No I won't tell you that. I won't bitch and moan that he's acting like an idiot child that I wish I could beat senselessly as his life is just not that hard. No you won't hear any whining from this girl on THAT point. Uh-huh.

Work is good and busy. And it's work. I'm gainfully employed. Officially I should say. For an entire week now. Got my first official pay check directly deposited into my account without a hiccup. It feels wonderful to have a permanent place to go. A place that will allow me to plan for the future. A place to hide whilst my idiot child acts like an idiot. (Oh whoa.....let's not go THERE)

I have to buy new clothes. Yes this is a good thing due to my success with losing weight. But it's also a pain in the ass and damned expensive! I like the tees and jeans I have had in my closet; just wish they wouldn't hang on me. And dude - did I mention the underwear? Because that is a pain to have to go and purchase over and over when it still fairly brand new!!! Seriously.

Today I'm heading out to some rally to help try and get more folks to register to vote (Republican of course) and dragging my son with me. I want him to see first-hand what these events are like and to see what his family members are so passionate about. Plus he's pissed me off (I won't bore you with the details as to HOW) this week and will not receive the luxury of sitting at home watching tv on his idiot child ass.

Did you know that I'd created some headers for Because I have and will undoubtedly create more!

Um only caught up on Castle and Big Bang Theory. I'm considering getting off the Glee bandwagon and I haven't even watched any eps yet this season. But it's everywhere and I'm feeling pressure to be a fan. Feeling that odd little instinct to rebel against it. I just think it's kinda funny when I do that...

Okay for those of you with laptops. What do you prefer? Mac or PC - and be honest as to WHY. Thanks.
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holy cow the job is official

So effective this Wednesday I'll be officially hired. Permanent. No longer temp to perm. And while I didn't really believe that they would let me go - it wasn't official until it was official! I am so damned happy and relieved. I want to spend money now.

Too bad I don't have any :)

Did I mention that I'm actually strongly (SERIOUSLY) leaning towards the SAMSUNG FASCINATE as my smartphone purchase? Because I am. But then it's going to take me awhile to replenish the savings that I had to draw from to get the new tires and new clutch for my car. Who knows WHAT will come out by then!

In regards to TV, I'm happy to report that while I'm dreadfully behind - I have successfully addicted my mom to SGU. She started watching last night and is now on episode 12. Oh yeah baby. Hardcore addicted. I also did finally watch the season finale of Eureka. Gah - still love that show. It's gotten REALLY solid in the last 2 seasons I think. I wonder if we'll have to wait another YEAR for it to come back?

Now I have to return to my budgeting..oh! But thanks for the coding help bangaboomerang and purecreation!!! I really appreciate it!
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why can't I figure out this coding?

So I am using a fun layout from fleeting_days but I'll be damned if I can get the body to line up with the header. It's making me CRAZY. I'm not a complete idiot about coding I'll have you know. But coding within LJ is tricky. So if anyone, and this is REALLY for you, purecreation or even you, angylone since you gals use coded layouts....can help me I'd be GREATLY appreciative? I just want it to all be centered and lined up - thanks!

Ethereal is now completely gone. I'm a bit sad about it really - even though I do have my art now on Photobucket. Ironically, the death of Ethereal prompted me to open up Photoshop yesterday when I found myself home alone ALL DAY and I made some stuff. I made some headers for a friend of mine and her site, And I made a wallpaper - oh yes I did. I'm not sure if you're a fan of Stargate Universe (or SGU) - but you should be. It's dark. Gloomy. Stark. Off to rocky start last season as it found it's way - but it's filled with some great confrontations and stories. I just dig it - you can see by the latest wallpaper I've done.

On a more serious note I am sick of hearing of these kids killing themselves. I have a very hard and tough stance on suicide in general. Collapse )
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Dude..where's my car?

Web stuffs
I have my Photobucket Albums uploaded now. Just walls. I'm not going to post icons at this time. There are just too damned many! And I've updated my art site with a message indicating the change. I feel very odd about the entire thing really. And still I wonder as to why I'm holding on so tightly to having some sort of web/art presence. Weird.

I even did a new wallpaper this morning for Sarah Connor Chronicles [I miss that show!]

I am only caught up on Castle and Big Bang Theory. That's it. Liked both of the premieres. I am going to be trying out a couple of new shows - just to test the waters. Blue Bloods and Defenders I think they are. Haven't watched yet. Not even sure why I would take on any other shows when I don't stay current each week with the ones I love! Weird.

Well supposedly things are going to be wrapped up this week and I'll be permanent. I'm not un-crossing my fingers until THAT is a done deal, thank you very much.

I wish I had some. All of the savings I had has had to be used for very important things (none of which include a smartphone unfortunately) like bills, new tires, etc. And now I found out that my clutch is slipping and my car has been just sucking down the oil something fierce (with no evidence of a leak). I hope it's an adjustment or two that she needs (for both situations) rather than big repairs. Then I'll simply have NO savings. Again.

The boy
Love him. Find him irksome. All at the same time. I'm surprised I don't have more gray hairs than I already do. Oh that reminds me..I have to try and save for a hair cut/highlight..............

I'm not really as bitter as this post sounds. Just busy. And tired. And a little over-whelmed.
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where is everyone?

Seriously? Where is everyone these days? Are folks migrating to other journals or more tempted by the quicker communications of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc? While I do understand their appeal (and fiddle and faddle here and there with them), I wonder if folks are leaving the world of journaling behind much like what happened with all of the blogging on our own domains. I fell prey to it as well. So I'm not judging or blaming - but curious.

I am sitting here on the precipice of my domains renewing and am just strapped for cash. Strapped for time. Unwilling to leave the internet and lose whatever "presence" I might still have. And yet acknowledging that not many folks drop by to see anything of mine anymore - or anything I write. So I have to ask if I'm trying to hold onto my little bit of past glory - or my 15 minutes as it were? Why do I feel the need to still consider having web space? And why as I'm coming to terms with letting existing domains go, am I searching on the 'Net right now for really super cheap hosting and thinking of a NEW domain name to some how link all of my different spots up?


Seriously - any thoughts or inspiration anyone has is greatly appreciated. Any similar thoughts and/or experiences you might have is greatly appreciated. I mean I have even thought of just creating another journal here within the paid account and putting art there. But I don't know if LJ has the space for it. LOL One good thing about having your own domains is the space you have to store shit!

So..PLEASE do this old gal a solid and share. Comment. Speculate, would ya? I'm at a cross-roads here!
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how many times do I have to tell you..?

I'm supposed to get hired this month permanently. By all accounts that is what is going to happen. But I just can't seem to relax until THAT happens. I've been there 4 1/2 months now. Time to get a move on people!

I'm a terrible fangirl and didn't even realize the Emmys were on the other night until Twitter lit up so ridiculously. However? I was very glad to hear of Jim Parsons's win. Bazinga and then some!

Would you believe I actually found myself searching around for cheap hosting options and am toying with the idea of getting a new domain? LOL What is wrong with me. I'm so torn over letting my exiting domains go - but I don't really use them. But the idea of NOT having my own space is just. . . insane? Yes. Insane. I don't know what to think of it. It's just the way it is. But here I am trying to come up with a clever domain name that suits. For cheap. The current hosting I have is more than I want to pay. The plan was just to NOT renew. And no I don't see myself moving my existing domains over to the new hosting service - IF I get one. I'm just a little sick in the head I think. Since this more or less started because I feel so damned scattered all over the 'Net.

Although it was that search that prompted the new Jack/Kate layout....

I enjoy Covert Affairs BUT would rather see more of Ben Mercer than Jay. As pretty as the actor is, there is NO spark between him and Annie - and I don't want to see that go anywhere. Hell Annie and Auggie have a nice little connection going as good friends/buddies that could change over time. But NOTHING with Jay. Just not feeling it. Also? Jay isn't as interesting as Ben Mercer. So bring Ben on! (I still have to watch last week's episode and this week's..) I know that people were all a-flutter over Auggie stuff and I'm looking forward to it.

Crap, now I'm tired. Yay for these lovely work hours. 'Night

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