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..all caught up on Bones..

This post is only about Bones as I just sat here the other day and watched episodes 15-22. Yay for being sick...? Whatever - it gives me the time to sit and watch stuff. (Right now I'm trying to watch NCIS and then I'll have to pick another show to get caught up on)

So here's the deal. I'm not feeling the same love for Bones that I once did. I don't know if it's due to being a show that perhaps is better watched week to week rather than episodes running together. I don't know if it's due to the fact that David Boreanaz has now joined the ranks of the "big-fat-stupid-head-assholes" in Hollyweird that feel they can just go ahead and bang whatever opens her legs or bats her eyes regardless of familial commitments. I don't know if it's due to the fact that I HATE it when they stick Emily in belted dresses that only accentuate her slightly flat/wide body shape (no offense to Emily). But it is what it is. However, there are some specifics I want to address and those I'll naturally do under an LJ-Cut for those that still are behind.
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I welcome your thoughts and comments. Tell me if I'm high as a kite, eh?
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I made tVD wallpaper..

I made a wallpaper for the first time in months. Wheee...say hello to some Vampire Diaries art..[I may make more tonight or tomorrow..!]

Feel free to see any other art I've done over at Ethereal.
And I have a separate post here where I ponder the wonder and awesome that is LOST. WARNING: May contain spoilers if you haven't watched!
office s6: jim/pam niagara boat!'s time for a fresh start..

Okay so I watched 11 episodes of DOLLHOUSE yesterday. Yeah, you heard me. I've now seen them all (I've been sick, remember!?) Collapse )
I'm also all caught up on Chuck (hell really everything else mostly..) and Collapse )
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So I've still got this nasty little bug around. I've just been laying around and really taking it easy. I think I'm fast-tracking it but it's a nuisance. On the bright side, my very awesome son spent some of his hard earned (and hard to get) cash and got his dear old mama a lovely huge bouquet of wild flowers and a card today. Now, I have to admit, I tend to resent Valentine's Day. I have for years. I don't know if it's always been that way but it seems like it has. Or is it due to my perpetual single/spinsterhood? I dunno. But really I also do honestly think that we shouldn't have one day to tell people we love them and that they are special. Between family and friends I guess it's kind of fun or can be, but I hate the pressure it puts upon couples or would-be couples.

And having said all of that .....I was tickled a little bit pink to be on the receiving end of those flowers today. What a wonderful son he is. I think I'll keep his lovely self. (And I was so glad that I'd asked my mom to get him a giant chocolate heart while I was sick....and that he didn't get me anything to eat and ruin my figure!)

So...Happy V-Day to my friends. You are all special. Not just today.
tVD: rose matchmaking days are nearly..almost definitely behind me..

So we watched the Superbowl today. I have to say that this is the first big game I've watched in several years. And mostly I enjoyed it. My complaint has nothing to do with the game but the ads that played.
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My favorites:
  • Dodge ad where men just want to drive and they'll do any number of things like "watch your vampire tv shows, and hold your lip balm" so they can drive the awesome care they want. INSPIRED!
  • Mobile TV Ad with the man whose girlfriend had taken his spine..."How about no."
  • Letterman, Winfrey, and Leno ad was priceless.
  • LOVED the Clydesdales but then I always do!
  • The Dorito ad with the guys in the gym getting ninja'd by "Tim".

    Other than that I was not impressed...and more than a little irked since our kids were watching with us. I think the Nation's IQ dropped considerably since the last time I watched the Big Game.

    Now I'm watching Undercover Boss and I LOVE this guy! Sweetie!
    Mom and I are going to finish watching the new BBC Emma tonight. It's made of awesome. Oh Johnny Lee Miller!! And the lead actress reminds me so much of Katee Sackhoff!

    p.s. posted a review up at blabapalooza
  • ats s3: cordy's own show!

    Happy New Year 2010!

    I just wanted to wish you ALL a VERY Happy New Year for 2010. I sincerely wish only the best for you all and that this year answers some of your wishes and calls..that might not have come true before. I have one New Year's Resolution that I've had the hardest time keeping..and that is to journal here more often and stay up to date with YOUR journals. I am going to do better for 2010!!!

    Party on dudes!
    btvs s2: buffy runs

    I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors....

    Ahh Depeche Mode. How I love you - let me count the ways......

    So kids - how's tricks?
    It's December. Thanksgiving has come and gone. I've dropped a couple more pounds (yay) and continued to get trimmer and fitter (nearing...hotness..?!) Alex continues to do well in school (or I kick his butt). I continue to spend way too much time online via Facebook, Twitter (again *sigh*), and general surfage. Why doesn't someone pay me for THAT?! *sigh*

    I broke down and bought myself an early Christmas present, the lovely Samsung Rogue. It isn't a smartphone, but it could be smarter than the average phone! I LOVE IT. I got a great deal, hence the allowing of myself to purchase it when my other phone worked. LOVE it! Check it out if you want a NICE touchscreen phone with fabulous display and a keyboard, and great call quality etc. (Oh and I'm considering also getting an upgraded MP3 player for myself and giving Alex my old that BAD?!)

    I might be coming back full swing into the Glee love but I am 2 episodes behind. However, I'm S O - O V E R watching Teri pull the pregnancy wool over Will's eyes. That is all I'm going to say about THAT. Cougar Town makes me laugh HARD. Watch it won't you?! And Better Off Ted is back - I still have to watch but I'm very excited!

    I'm ticked beyond belief that this Healthcare Reform is still on the floor. We simply cannot afford an undertaking of this magnitude. We are BROKE. Don't worry - I'm not going to rant and get into the political aspects that I have issues all know what they are. But financially? This makes NO sense and will NOT work. I am PISSED that this hasn't yet been tossed out of the Senate as the trash that it is. *sigh*

    LOST comes back soon! And so does Chuck! Yay!

    So yeah..nothing new much with me. I am b o r i n g. How about you?
    Oh and I still have to get my Christmas Cards together

    Oh's been damned cold out this way!

    p.s. I LOVE the fact that Tiger's wife beat the hell out of his car. For sure.